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A short wishlist …

Posted by rantingkraut on March 21, 2006

One thing the UK is badly in need of, are moderate Muslims who accept the idea of a secular state and who are not afraid to say so. I think we need a British version of Naser Khader, and here is only one reason why:

“Some see the drawings as an unacceptable insult to all Muslims, others do not. The same can be said about the Islamic world: Some feel insulted, others do not. My impression from different Arabic media is that the dominant position – perhaps surprising for some – can be summarised as follows: We cannot as Muslims dictate that non-Muslims comply with the allegedly prohibited depiction of the prophet.”

I was surprised. After all, the impression given by our mainstream media is rather different. Now just imagine how much good a group of Arabic speaking moderate bloggers could do.

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