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19.3.2006 – 27.9.2010

The Megalomaniac Masterchef is at it again.

Posted by rantingkraut on September 7, 2006

The success of his televised complaint about school lunches seems to be going to Jamie Oliver’s head. Having told schools what to cook he now wants to tell parents how to feed their children:

He said 70 per cent of packed lunches in the country were “disgraceful” and he would like to see them banned.

70%? Where did he get that figure from? Did he gather a large sample of packed lunches which he then categorized into graceful and disgraceful observations? What criterion did he use to quantify the gracefulness of a lunch?

The likely answer is of course that he did nothing of the kind. There is an obvious temptation to throw invented data around when all you have to go by is a wild guess. Prefixing outrageous demands with a phoney percentage may fool some into believing that your demands are backed up by solid knowledge of the facts rather than gut feeling and personal preference.

Jamie also took the opportunity to demonstrate his linguistic acumen:

In the film Oliver said: “I’ve spent two years being PC about parents, now is the time to say ‘if you’re giving your young children fizzy drinks you’re an a*******, you’re a t*****. If you give them bags of crisps you’re an idiot. If you aren’t cooking them a hot meal, sort it out’.
… he was particularly critical of parents who give their children Red Bull – an energy drink – when they are tired, saying it was not much better than giving them a line of cocaine.

Jamie, there is nothing un-PC about ‘food fascism’, on the contrary! It is almost tempting to reply in kind but it would unfair to the rectum to call Jamie Oliver an arsehole. The arsehole maybe lacking in prestige, but at least is very useful. Jamie Olivier has plenty of prestige –he also seems to know cocaine well enough to compare it with other stimulants—I just very much doubt that he is of any great use.

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