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19.3.2006 – 27.9.2010

The Pope’s Apology

Posted by rantingkraut on September 16, 2006

The Pope apologised today, not for what he said, but for the hurt his words have caused to Muslims, whom he says he respects. Not all Muslims in the UK seem to notice this subtlety in the apology –or maybe they choose to ignore it: according to the BBC, Ajmal Masroor of the Islamic Society of Britain praises Pope for acknowledging his mistake. He didn’t, he rather emphasises that the mistake lies with those who didn’t read his speech attentively enough.

Aside from the usual caving in to ill-motivated Muslim offence rituals there is one passage in the Vatican’s statement which all those who value freedom of speech should note:

Indeed it was he who, before the religious fervour of Muslim believers, warned secularised Western culture to guard against “the contempt for God and the cynicism that considers mockery of the sacred to be an exercise of freedom”.”

In a way, one could almost hope for a lasting rift between Christianity and Islam. An organised consensus between the Christian churches and Muslim leaders could in its practical consequence become an alliance for censorship. Let’s not forget that the remaining blasphemy laws in the west go back to the Christian tradition.


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