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19.3.2006 – 27.9.2010

Censoring Youtube?

Posted by rantingkraut on October 24, 2006

It looks like more legislation to censor online content is on the way. The BBC had a report last Thursday (19 October) that MPs were concerned about postings of video footage of assaults on the web, with Jack Straw stating: “This is a really serious issue about how these kind of videos should better be controlled. The example given was that of a clip entitled “Milton Road Fight Club”, showing a vicious assault that took place somewhere in Hartlepool. To be sure, this is no pleasure to watch. The question though is why anyone should concentrate on taking measures against videos like this.

Lets remember that we are surrounded by one of the worlds most extensive CCTV networks, supposedly for the purpose of fighting crime. Remember also that New Labour has incessantly attempted to expand the powers of the state and lower the burden of proof wherever possible. Getting evidence of crimes really seems to be a top priority for this government.

For once we have a very daft criminal, and possibly more than one, posting all the evidence needed for a conviction on the web and MPs are complaining –why? The local press at least is trying its best to help identify the thug. Considering that most mindless thugs are not exactly sophisticated criminals, shouldn’t it be likely that there is more legally useful stuff on youtube? And looking at the parliamentarian response to all this, is it really plausible that the state needs ever more power to fight crime, or could it be that the authorities are just not very good at using the power and resources they have already got?

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