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19.3.2006 – 27.9.2010

Stealing the taxman’s identity

Posted by rantingkraut on November 24, 2006

There is a new book out called “How to Label a Goat”. As the title suggests clearly enough, it deals with silly and superfluous rules and regulations in New Labour Britain. This book is amusing and annoying at once –although it might just be amusing if you live in the US. The following detail on P.37 caught my eye:

10,000 civil servants were recently found to have had their identities stolen by gangs fraudulently trying to claim tax credits.

The cost of that fraud is annoying enough, but not particularly unusual when it comes to government spending. What is interesting is that it does not seem to be a major problem to steal the identities of thousands of civil servants in one of the departments the government presumably cares most about.

Just dwell on this for a moment and consider what it means for ID cards: the same organisation which is planning to force you to hand over all kinds of information about yourself can’t stop identity theft from its key employees. Just imagine how much fun those gangs could have had with all the information on a central identity register. Well, at least someone will benefit from ID cards.

Ross Clark
“How to Label a Goat: The Silly Rules and Regulations That Are Strangling Britain”
Harriman House Publishing, 2006
ISBN 1897597959

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