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ex President Al Gore???

Posted by rantingkraut on February 9, 2007

The telegraph reports that:

Sir Richard Branson, whose Virgin planes pump out millions of tonnes of carbon dioxide a year, is offering a £12.8million ($25m) to the scientist who can extract that same gas from the atmosphere.

Sir Richard Branson hopes to ‘save thousands of species and mankind itself’

Together with the former US president Al Gore, he is calling for a team of research scientists to “scavenge” one billion tonnes of CO2 a year from the sky – a technique that is currently impossible.


Good luck to Mr. Branson. He is doing the right thing: he is using his own money to clean up his own mess and he emphasises technological innovation. This looks like a good alternative to highly intrusive legislation to reduce CO2 emissions by small amounts.

I am puzzled by this detail though: “the former US president Al Gore”. I am no historian, but that’s not what I remember.


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