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Torture by Taser – Coming to Britain?

Posted by rantingkraut on May 16, 2007

The BBC reports that John Reid plans to extend the use of Tasers by the UK’s police forces. So far, they have only been used by firearms officers confronting armed offenders. They are now to be used by more police officers under more loosely defined conditions. (source)

It should be clear where this will eventually lead. I predict that eventually all police officers will carry them and use them much more readily. This is simply one more example of a gradual progress towards a police state. If the example of the US is anything to go by, tasers may even be routinely used to torture anyone who won’t obey whatever orders the police care to issue –even if there is no threat at all (see e.g. here and here).

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Free the Film

Posted by rantingkraut on May 13, 2007

It now looks as if Mullah Dadulla will never have a second career as a DJ –what a waste! Yet, however great the loss to techno music, we should not forget the minority of secular Muslims over their more flamboyant Islamist counterparts.

In the US, it appears that the Public Broadcasting Service is determined to do just that: the film “Islam vs Islamists: Voices from the Muslim Centre” is apparently being suppressed by the PBS –with the unintended consequence of boosting interest in it. This film, which seems to focus on the role and problems of secular Muslims in the West, sounds like a much needed contribution and it should find a keen audience well beyond the US. There is a review here.

Update: A (now obsolete) link to a petition has been removed from this post. The film can now be ordered here.

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Merkel knows best?

Posted by rantingkraut on May 3, 2007

We all heard about female intuition. The Economist may have discovered a new phenomenon: European intuition, although they attribute it to superior hearing. Europe’s superhuman Führers know what ordinary citizens want and ordinary citizens want the EU Constitution –under a new name and without referendum:

Europe‘s leaders are united around two incompatible beliefs. The first is that their citizens want them to press ahead with reviving most or all of the constitution. The second is that it is wisest to avoid testing this thesis by asking those citizens directly in new referendums.” (source)

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