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Leaving the house without ID card

Posted by rantingkraut on June 9, 2007

The Spanish authorities are investigating a number of cases of alleged police brutality. One of them should be of particular interest with respect to the current British plans for a national ID card:

Leaving the house without an ID card. The most recent case is the one of Marc V.C. a young man who submitted his complaint against the police on account of the events of the morning of the 8 April 2007. He was in the Gràcia district and did not carry his ID card. He reports that the police then took him to the ‘Les Corts’ police station for identification purposes. In the cell, “at least seven officers” started kicking and punching him. He left with several haematomas, bruises and cranial trauma. The day before yesterday the four accused officers said they did not remember these events and attributed the observed facts to the possibility that the victim could have inflicted the injuries upon himself.” (Source)

Of course, the British police would never do anything like this, would they? Just remember: when ID cards become compulsory, sooner or later it will be possible to arrest you for not carrying one of them. When this happens to you, you may just end up hitting yourself out of frustration over your failure to be a good citizen.


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