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Reviving the Constitution

Posted by rantingkraut on June 17, 2007

There is one really revealing aspect of reporting on Europe in the German media: they are very clear about the fact that what Merkel is trying to revive the European constitution at next week’s summit. In German language articles on the topic, the word ‘Verfassung’ (constitution) is regularly used (e.g.). The English MSM, by contrast, tend to report on the amending treaty (e.g.) and then mention the very close similarity to the constitution further on.

Roger Helmer MP is not mincing his words though and brings it to the point quite neatly:

I quoted from her [Angela Merkel’s] letter to member-states (as had a previous speaker). This letter has been in the public domain for some weeks, and it’s authenticity has not been challenged. Mrs Merkel stands condemned of deceit, first and foremost, by her own letter, rather than by me. She makes it crystal clear that she intends to stick closely, in terms of legal effect, to the substance of the failed EU Constitution, while pretending otherwise.

She intends to effect a major constitutional change in Europe, a large new shift of powers from member states to the EU, by deceiving the voters as to the nature of the change, specifically by pretending that this is a limited and innocuous “Treaty”, when she knows it is in reality the Constitution in all but name.” (source as on: 17 June 2007)

I wonder if this has anything to do with Blair’s conciliatory stance on the matter.


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  1. But you can vote about the EU Constitution, online…

    Vote Yes (or No) to Free Europe Constitution at

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