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Wise words on a Bill of Rights and Responsibilities

Posted by rantingkraut on October 26, 2007

A quote of the year? This comment was posted by some Ian B in the telegraph online comments section and deserves more attention than one of many comments usually gets:

The aim of our British Bill of Rights and Responsibilities will be to clarify and explain the obligations which come with rights,

Dear God Jack, you don’t understand what a Right is, do you? Go and read the American Constitution and Bill Of Rights. The rights they enshrine are *protection FROM government* not *responsibilities TO government*. Can you not see the difference? Can you not see how different these modern tranzi rights are, which are obligations on the citizenry and promises of bigger government? Is that beyond you?

All we need in this country is a robust protection from the totalitarian-inclined elitists in power. We do not need, nor require, a list of obligations we should owe the government. You are not our rulers, you are our servants, and we demand limitations on you forgetting which you are- as you have already done.

People, do not be fooled. These control freaks have no instinct for liberty, no concept of what it means. Their only interest in producing this bill is to trap the citizens, forever, in a cage of obligations and impositions, to reduce individual freedom and responsibility, and to change that fundamental of British liberty- the concept that one may do all which is not specifically prohibited. Instead, they would change our society (as they already have, in so many ways) to one in which you may do only that for which you are specifically authorised.

This Bill will be oppression in liberty’s clothing, an underhanded tactic to officially make the citizens the property of, and supplicants to, the self-interested elite in power. It will be a licence for them to impose upon every aspect of life, and end forever the principle of the private person. It will be nothing but a charter for social engineering and even greater expansion of the bloated oligarchy surrounding the government with snouts a-troughed.

Let us prepare to fight it, block it, prevent it, until we can throw these prim, miserablist social engineers out of power at the ballot box.

Ian B.

This comment was left in response to an article by Jack Straw, promoting this ‘Bill of Rights and Responsibilities’ under the same link as the above quote.

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