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Labour Proposes anti-white male quotas

Posted by rantingkraut on March 21, 2008

Labour’s Hariet Harman has proposed the introduction of quotas that would discriminate by race or sex to establish a politically preferred sex and ethnicity composition of the work force in a particular firm. (source) Many readers commenting on this telegraph article have argued that this move would be illegal under European rules. It probably wouldn’t be: the European Court of Justice already ruled in 1997 that sexist discrimination can be acceptable when it is undertaken with an egalitarian political motive.

As the date of the verdict should suggest, there is nothing new about this arrangement. The currently fashionable euphemism is positive action rather than positive discrimination but, other than that, the proposed arrangement is exactly what has been practiced in Germany and other countries for years: to allow racist and sexist discrimination among otherwise equally qualified candidates. If this law is passed and implemented as it usually has been on the continent, it would probably make little difference. One assumption underlying this measure is that the proportion in which members of different ethnic groups and of either sex qualify for different professions is equal to that with which they are represented in the population at large. Only then can one hope that discrimination in favour of the less strongly represented group will lead to demographic convergence [1].

In the UK, this assumption seems to be questioned, since the proposed discrimination measures may extend to university admissions: “The proposed change in the law could also affect universities, allowing them to select more female students in subjects areas [sic] such as the sciences where men have traditionally dominated.” (source) If such a measure is effective at university level, without being subject to equal entry qualifications, it could result in a move towards demographic balance in admissions (and possibly graduations) only to produce an end-result where female and minority candidates in some subjects obtain systematically lower grades. For a group of people with consistently lower entry grades this outcome should not be surprising. And yet, it would no doubt be blamed on (politically incorrect) discrimination to be made up for by “positive action”.

[1] It should be remembered that discrimination is supposed to take place subject to equal qualification in the case discussed. If this was not so, demographic representation could of course be achieved at the expense of quality.


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