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What is wrong with Fitna – the Movie?

Posted by rantingkraut on March 27, 2008

Well, here is Fitna. If there is anything wrong in the way it portrays Islam, surely the proper reaction would be to point out calmly where the mistakes lie.

I have just watched it, and I can spontaneously think of the following flaws:

Some developments are presented as obviously undesirable (at least by implication) when it is not always clear why: Fitna bemoans the availability of Sharia compliant loans; why is this a problem rather than simply a new but voluntary contractual arrangement catering to a new customer group? Why is it a problem if an Islamic school sponsors a trip to Mecca?

Other points are more controversial, but there is still plenty of room for disagreement. The film points out, for example, that the Burka is not banned in the Netherlands. Why should it be? There may be a case in some scenarios (e.g. where hiding your face constitutes a security hazard) and in those cases no religious dress-code should give rise to a special exemption. Beyond this, I predict that opinions on the desirability of a ban will be strongly divided.

Robert Spencer at Jihadwatch claims the film is accurate. I haven’t read the Quran and couldn’t read it in Arabic at any rate; like many, I have no way to check whether the translations in the subtitles are accurate.

I expect that a lot of Muslims and multiculturalists will now be offended –I don’t think that greatly matters. What interests me is whether there are any factual errors, misleading interpretations etc. So if anyone reading this knows of any, feel free to use the comment function to point them out.

Update: Germany’s Der Spiegel points out that the film –which is supposed to illustrate quranic verses put into practice– wrongly attributes female genital mutilation to the Quran. (This crime is regularly committed in some Muslim societies but apparently has no foundation in the Quran itself.)


2 Responses to “What is wrong with Fitna – the Movie?”

  1. Henk said

    I’ve found a downloadable HD version of fitna. You can find it here

  2. A commenter on my blog tried to point out an error in Wilder’s quoting of the Qur’an, sura 8:60 where it calls for Muslims to use terror against their enemies, but after looking it up on several Muslim sites the quote is correct.

    One error that HAS been correctly identified, however, is Wilders’ incorrect picture of Theo Van Gogh’s murderer. He shows the face of rapper Salah Edin instead of the actual killer, Mohammed Bouyeri. The two pics are similar (I posted them to show the comparison) and I’m betting it was an honest mistake. Bouyeri DID slaughter Van Gogh for criticizing Islam, showing the wrong face doesn’t invalidate that fact. I hope Wilders will correct his film and issue an apology to Edin.

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