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The Abu Ghraib Torture Scandal – an anti-feminist conspiracy?

Posted by rantingkraut on May 30, 2008

In this clip –apparently an outtake from “Standard Operating Procedure”– former Abu Ghraib prison commander Janis Karpinski alleges that the Abu Ghraib torture scandal was needed by the Pentagon which was desperate to tarnish women’s image in the Iraq war. She alleges that the positive image of Jessica Lynch had to be counteracted by that of Lynndie England and herself.

She doesn’t state, however, whether she suspects the Pentagon of organising the torture cases for this purpose or merely of spinning the information released accordingly. Whatever the details, this sounds daft even by conspiracy standards. If this is an anti-feminist conspiracy why was Charles Graner given such a high profile? Well, it only goes to show just how cunning this conspiracy is I suppose.


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