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A cure for Jihad?

Posted by rantingkraut on June 3, 2008

Jacqui Smith’ idea that Jihadis should receive counselling instead of punishment is receiving some well deserved ridicule. Doesn’t it seem odd indeed that advocates of holy war are offered therapy while those criticising the ideology underlying Jihad can expect to be prosecuted for insulting religion?

Yet, what seems crazy to any person endowed with common sense appears perfectly sensible to the utopian social engineer. Labour’s approach to vandalising reforming the justice system has consistently been based on moving away from a notion of administering justice to a small number of offenders towards developing a tool for micromanaging the UK population as a whole. If you think like Labour politicians think, it makes sense to give maximum power to the state and to see the police and the criminal justice system as mere extreme manifestations of a complex control mechanism for society.

To the extent that the state ceases to enforce a limited framework for a free society and instead aims for total control, it should no longer surprise that the distinction between criminals and ordinary citizens disappears. It has before been observed by Peter Hitchens, that to the state we are all socially diseased and therefore all in need of treatment, even if some require a larger dose of medicine than others.


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