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The Tories and Civil Liberties

Posted by rantingkraut on September 26, 2008

Greg Hands addresses the issue of civil liberties in the current edition of Vorwärts Avanti Forward. He argues that the Conservatives should not become a civil liberties party because that issue doesn’t win elections. The sad thing is: he’s possibly right.
Elaborating on CCTV cameras (which he likes) DNA databases, spying councils etc. I am left with the impression that there is really no restriction to civil liberties which he would oppose once his party is in power and offers a different excuse from Labour. None of this is surprising, but it should serve as a reminder that while there never will be a ‘party of civil liberties’ (at least not in power) every party should have a civil liberties lobby within, seeking at least to contain the progress of authoritarianism.

One Response to “The Tories and Civil Liberties”

  1. UK Voter said

    I completely agree. We must, however, address this issues as the electorate before it becomes so enshrined, that we accept it as the norm.

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