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Free Speech and the European Arrest Warrant

Posted by rantingkraut on October 5, 2008

Gerald Fredrick Töben, a holocaust denier, has been arrested in the UK following an extradition request from Germany. The Telegraph points out how this case shows neatly what is wrong with the European Arrest Warrant:
The Government wrongly signed up to the European Arrest Warrant, and to the accelerated procedures for extraditing people arrested in Britain to other EU countries.
Dr Toben’s case is precisely the sort of incident which ministers assured us would never happen. They said the warrant was only for terrorists and drug dealers. Now that it is being used to punish opinions, our government and judges have an obligation to throw it out
.” (Source)


One Response to “Free Speech and the European Arrest Warrant”

  1. UK Voter said

    This government has consistently used anti-terrorist legislation against people that have nothing to do with terrorism and for that they must be ashamed. They were right, for example, to freeze the assets of the Icelandic bank, but with other suitable legislation in place, why use the anti-terrorism laws? Similarly here, the government has, once again, gone against their commitments. It is also only a matter of time, before the ‘arrest without charge’ legislation is also used against the general public and I would not be surprised if it wasn’t used against people using free speech to criticise the government. This government has introduced over 7,000 pieces of legislation in 11 years, much reduced the rights of the citizen and provides more and more state control. We need a party that is willing to go on record to state that they will repeal much of this legislation, the people must control state, not the other way around.

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