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Helmer, Hannan and the European Anthem

Posted by rantingkraut on October 19, 2008

Conservative MEPs Roger Helmer and Daniel Hannan have objected to the formal adoption of a flag and Anthem by the European Union, as these are the trappings of statehood which were originally removed from the text for the European Constitution when it was re-launched as a mere treaty.

Now, I think both MEPs missed an opportunity for constructive engagement here. TheOde to Joy’ has been the EC/EU’s anthem for quite a while. For a group of independent states freely cooperating in a common market, that’s an appropriate theme. Shouldn’t it follow that for the transition to a Kafkaesque super-state we need a new tune? I suggest Carl Orff’s O Fortuna.

One Response to “Helmer, Hannan and the European Anthem”

  1. For once, our Press Office came up with a good headline for a release on the European Anthem: “MEPs won’t stand for it”. And I shan’t.

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