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Yet more surveillance: a compulsory register for mobile phones

Posted by rantingkraut on October 19, 2008

More Light! –let the Party know everything”
In yet another surveillance initiative, the government plans to register all users of mobile phones. To buy one, you will need a passport (or in future maybe an ID card!). Of course, given that increasing amounts of information are available to more and more people and organisations, limiting government power by controlling its access to information becomes less and less viable. This particular point is an exception though, since it could in principle allow the government real time tracking of citizens. This and the fact that just about any activity can be criminalised under some of the many, often arbitrary offenses introduced by the Blair and Brown regimes could make this law a good reason not to use mobile phones in the future.

One Response to “Yet more surveillance: a compulsory register for mobile phones”

  1. UK Voter said

    Of course many mobile phone companies already ask for a passwport or driver licence for identification purposes and they then copy and retain this information. However, anyone that has ever been the victim of an identity fraud will know how easy it is to forge this documentation and that is the point. Dishonest criminal or terrorists will be able to find a way around this database of information, whereas, the majority of us law abiding citizens would adhere to the rules. Which means, they will still get away with what they are doing, whilst the rest of us, have to put up with having our private lives intruded upon, by the use of draconian, intrusive new laws. The government knows that this is what will happen, yet they continue with these liberty destroying policies with impunity.

    I have covered this issue on my blog and included a draft letter which people can download, modify and then post to their MP, which, for all intents and purposes, makes clear that if the MP supports this draconian bill, they will lose a vote. It is a small start, but it could gain momentum if publicised and supported.

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