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Watergate, Oral Intercourse and the BBC

Posted by rantingkraut on November 3, 2008

‘Deep Throat’ was the cover name for the source uncovering the Watergate scandal. ‘Deep Throat’ is also the name of a well known adult movie. The merit good providers at the BBC obviously have problems telling the two apart.

When movie director Gerard Damiano died in October this year, the BBC duly reported this fact and reminded its audience of Damiano’s best known movie. They also added some pictures to their obituary: one of the movie’s lead actress, Linda Lovelace, and –further down on the same page– another one of the man who told the press about Watergate: “‘Deep Throat’ was later revealed to be former FBI deputy head Mark Felt” reads the tag line. So, if you ever doubted whether the Licence Fee gives you value for money: now you know.


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