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Euro-Feminism: an initiative for centralised social engineering

Posted by rantingkraut on November 28, 2008

Der Spiegel, a German weekly, reports that French feminist Gisèle Halimi proposes a rule for centralised feminist legislation in the European Union. A team of researchers has worked under her direction to identify the most pro-feminist examples of legislation in a number of EU countries. Her proposal: all EU countries should be forced to adopt those laws flagged up on her feminist wish list.

Thus all countries would have to adopt the Danish model for sex education, adopt no-fault divorces as a rule, as is currently the case in Spain and adopt labour market legislation along French lines. Since this proposal draws on existing laws it should be easy to implemented within a short space of time as well. The French government reportedly likes the idea.

It should be obvious what is wrong with this approach as well. Feminism, extending to a desire for equal outcomes legislation, may be part of mainstream political discussion in Europe, but it is no more than that. Radical feminist positions are a highly controversial part of an ongoing debate, not a near universal popular consensus. They should therefore not be universally imposed on national electorates. Looking beyond the issue of feminism: this approach -if implemented- would set a precedent for eroding the principle of subsidiarity. Far from delegating a maximum of legislative competence to the member state level, it would select all those aspects of national legislation that fit a centralised social engineering agenda and impose them at the federal level.

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