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Political correctness doesn’t go mad, it is mad

Posted by rantingkraut on March 18, 2009

To realise how intellectually inconsistent PC politicians really are, consider this from Hazel Blairs:
„Although warning that people should not set out to “deliberately offend people” or make racist jokes, she believes that there should be more scope for people to express themselves.
What I don’t want to see happen is because people are frightened of an over-reaction they don’t raise the issue,” she said. “What I don’t want people to say is that Muslims will be offended by Christmas, because they are not. There is this presumption that we don’t do things because people will be offended.““ (Source)
So she doesn’t want people to offend but then doesn’t want the fall-out which a consistent and forced avoidance of offence necessarily entails. As soon as taboos are backed up by legislation and formal restrictions, rather than being the product of an informal and spontaneously formed consensus, they necessarily take the form of censorship and associated prohibitions –with all the costs that such restrictions imply.
Those who constrain discussion between conflicting groups burden themselves with the responsibility of solving the conflict to the extent that they preclude the conflicting parties from solving it themselves. If you ban people from thinking, speaking and acting freely and independently you can no longer rely on their independently generated input into the problem solving processes. This is the perennial dilemma of all authoritarian government: out of a directed process nothing greater can emerge than the directing mind can forsee [1]. This is why any self contained political sect relying on a preconceived, finite set of ideas will eventually run out of intellectual resources. If they stay in power beyond this point, they have nothing but force to keep them there.

[1] F.A. Hayek, in Law, Legislation and Liberty.

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