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Muslims and Dhimmis in Britain

Posted by rantingkraut on July 19, 2009

The Economist –back in May—offered some strange musings on the fate of Britain’s Muslims:
The unhappiness of British Muslims is easy enough to explain: their living standards tend to be low and relatively few of the women work.” (source)
Hmmm… these two demographic data are presented in juxtaposition as if they were simply two external negative influences from which Muslim households tend to suffer. Could it be that one leads to the other? Could it be that households who, on average, have fewer second earners also tend to have lower household incomes?
Where the low female labour market participation is driven by religiously conservative lifestyle choices I struggle to see how this unhappiness should be seen as anything but self-inflicted. The Economist then continues:
They are also less likely than Muslims elsewhere, Gallup found, to see learning the local language, finding a job or getting a better education as a precondition for integration. That may be because they are remarkably unambitious; but it could reflect Britain’s official tradition of encouraging cultural diversity.” (source)
Being less likely to see the preconditions for integration as preconditions for integration makes you less likely to integrate of course. And while ‘encouraging cultural diversity’ may have had an influence, it hardly relieves anyone of responsibility for their own ambitions and attitudes.
All in all, the Economists article shows a well established attitude of seeing Muslims as victims, even where their condition is most likely a product of their own choices. Islamist identity politicians seem to be well aware of this in Britain and elsewhere, and this is clearly illustrated by where and how they complain:
In Denmark a newspaper printed cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad, and the Muslim world erupted in anger. Today that same Muslim world seems to be mute, deaf, and blind, and is oblivious to the violence and discrimination suffered by the Uighurs, a Muslim minority group, at the hands of the Chinese government.” (source)
It seems that Islamist community leaders (and national representatives) quite simply know when it pays to complain. Western nations seem to reflexively engage in self-flagellation at the slightest excuse –and hence get bombarded with complaints over cartoons and other trivia. The Chinese state clearly values its right to slaughter as many of its citizens as it likes –so no one bothers to complain about it. Maybe Europe should find a middle way here. We won’t really need to kill anyone, but couldn’t we just stop pre-emptively taking the blame for everything?

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