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Daniel Hannan and Enoch Powell

Posted by rantingkraut on August 28, 2009

To see what exactly Daniel Hannan said about Powell, take ten minutes and watch this. It is a ten minute clip worth watching. As for Powell himself, Hannan did specifically refer to his views on national independence (not surprising for a Eurosceptic) and advocacy of small government, not his views on immigration.Anyway, it is nice to see some room for dissent in a major party.

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Restraining Orders Without Conviction

Posted by rantingkraut on August 21, 2009

Yet another fence post: The telegraph calls these ‘restraining orders for violent partners’, yet the article makes it clear that no evidence, just an accusation of violence is needed:

Judges will now be able to approve an order following any offence and if they are acquitted but the court feels there remains sufficient evidence to require restraint.” (source)

If the court feels there is evidence! Who needs facts when you have emotions?

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More cynicism required: confronting labour’s creeping totalitarianism

Posted by rantingkraut on August 19, 2009

In discussing Labour’s decade of totalitarian legislation, Adam LeBor draws the following comparison in The Times:

The phrase Big Brother has entered common parlance. But Orwell’s book was published in 1949 as communist regimes in Eastern Europe cemented their control through “salami tactics”. These were invented by Matyas Rakosi, Hungary’s communist leader from 1948-56. He sliced away freedoms sliver by sliver, until he established one of the most feared dictatorships in Eastern Europe.


In my more cynical moments I imagine Labour ministers following a similar methodology. Read the rest of this entry »

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