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Daniel Hannan and Enoch Powell

Posted by rantingkraut on August 28, 2009

To see what exactly Daniel Hannan said about Powell, take ten minutes and watch this. It is a ten minute clip worth watching. As for Powell himself, Hannan did specifically refer to his views on national independence (not surprising for a Eurosceptic) and advocacy of small government, not his views on immigration.Anyway, it is nice to see some room for dissent in a major party.


One Response to “Daniel Hannan and Enoch Powell”

  1. Robert Brown said

    I understand that he said nothing about immigration, but that does not mean to say that he is a good influence on other things.

    They are wrong on Europe, without which we would not have the ability to act as one, to implement similar policies which is so integral to the globalized world we live in.

    They are wrong on the economy, where it is right to intervene, it is right to provide jobs and it is right to provide support to those who need most, when they need it most.

    They are wrong on national democracy, they oppose/d any efforts to make Britain more democratic, for example the House of Lords.

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