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Britain without the EU

Posted by rantingkraut on November 24, 2009

The Tax Payers’ Alliance’s new Book “Ten Years On – Britain Without the European Union” turns out to be a somewhat disappointing read. The book aims to describe Britain’s improving lot ten years after leaving the European Union. It is written as a retrospective comment on the developments that took shape during the ten years after an anticipated Tory election victory in 2010.

The obvious charge against the book is that it is too optimistic: in its view of the future, Britain is freed not only from EU bureaucracy and excessive regulation, but common sense prevails at home and leads to widespread reform.

While it is worthwhile to point out that the EU would not have an easy task isolating an independent Britain -and would not stand to benefit from doing so- it is clearly a shortcoming not to address possible problems along the way and how they could be dealt with.

Another improvement would have been an appendix with references to back up included factual information about the recent past and the present situation. As it stands, the book is preaching to the converted. Being one of the converts, I enjoyed it, but it did not give me any facts or arguments to convincingly make the case for EU exit.

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