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The Results of the Motoons

Posted by rantingkraut on January 3, 2010

The BBC followed a report on the attempted Murder of Kurt Westergaard and a Danish police officer with a review of the earlier Motoon saga. This background report starts of with a rehearsal of the Motoons publication history (they were first printed in Jyllands Posten, later reprinted elsewhere etc.). Then the narrator announces “… and this were the results …” before the clip cuts to archive footage of Motoon riots in the Middle East.

If the riots were the result of the cartoons’ publication then the cartoons must have been the cause,  the riots the effect. The rioters’ ideology and personal decisions don’t come into the picture. So if you buy into the BBC’s notion of cause and effect, the Motoon riots were “caused” by cartoon publications in the same way that a rape would be “caused” by a woman’s miniskirt or a racist attack would be “caused” by the victims inappropriate skin colour.

P.S.: A further interesting fact: the BBC backgrounder failed to mention the ‘undocumented’ Mohammad cartoons spread by Danish imam Abu Laban in much closer temporal proximity to the later cartoon riots.

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