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Muslim Integration in Germany

Posted by rantingkraut on January 7, 2010

Necla Kelec, a German sociologist of Turkish origin is again in the news, criticising islamism as well as multiculturalist relativism:

Kelec pointed out that Islam has a problem: ‘it wants to be the leading culture and aims to regulate not only the life of Muslims but also wants to dictate how the rest of society has to relate to Muslims’. Islam, moreover did not separate religion from politics, it isn’t secular. At the same time, there is generally no consensus on what defines its ideology. ‘Islam is everything and nothing at once. It is a phantom. Islam is -in this way- irresponsible, since believers only have a duty to Allah.’

The onus therefore ought to be on civil society to use its rules, regulations and values in such a way as to democratically define the limits of this movement. One of these rules is this: freedom of religion is part of our liberty, but it does not supersede the constitution.’ Muslims should abandon sharia, should ostracize political Islam and should unreservedly accept civil society with all its rights and duties. ‘There is no alternative to this, other than confrontation.’” (source – in German)

Necla Kelec is consistently critical of Islamism as well as of western civil society’s reluctance to stand up to it. During a conference on Islam, she formed part of a Muslim delegation and reported that this group was effectively split into to camps: on the one hand the Islamists, on the other the secular Muslims. The Islamists were organised, the secular Muslims were not.

Islamism at least seems to be in a similar position in Britain were the Muslim Council of Britain is accepted as the voice of the Muslim community.

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