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19.3.2006 – 27.9.2010

Global Warming: respect for science depends on the convenience of its truth

Posted by rantingkraut on January 31, 2010

The BBC tells us that “… Ed Miliband has warned that recent rows over scientific data must not damage efforts to control climate change. (…) I think it would be wrong that when a mistake is made it’s somehow used to undermine the overwhelming picture that’s there …” (source)

OK, let’s first clarify that this is not a matter of ‘a mistake’ being made. People -including scientists- make mistakes all the time. This is one reason why we rely on testing, replication and open debate to arrive at findings which are less susceptible to individual human error.

In the case of the IPCC and its sources, the occasional honest mistake is not the issue. Systematic deceit is and this is indeed a reason for loosing all trust in the IPCC and its recommendations. It is also telling how those who until very  recently pointed to the overwhelming scientific consensus and the solid scientific support of their agenda now tell us that scientific accuracy doesn’t matter all that much.

There is no smoke without fire and no stench without bullshit. Whatever truth there may remain in the basic AGW hypothesis, the case for not trusting any government or bureaucracy to try and prevent it is now more than overwhelming.


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