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Police Raid on Manchester

Posted by rantingkraut on February 20, 2010

It appears that the police has been laying siege to Manchester city centre in a massive fishing expedition. During the operation, pedestrians apparently had to pass airport style security checks just to walk down the pavement.

Given that the alleged reason for this measure was a crackdown on weapons, it is somewhat embarrassing that only one gun was found and a number of arrests seems to have been due to drug ‘offences’.  From a longer term perspective, The Economist reports extensively on an overall decline in crime with some regrettable exceptions in closely defined geographic areas.

One should wonder then if this was really intended to be a crime fighting measure, election campaign related activism to advertise a ‘tough on crime’ attitude or just another step on the way to a firmly entrenched police state.

2 Responses to “Police Raid on Manchester”

  1. Kevyn Bodman said

    Is the police action legal? Now.

    It might be the authorities’ ambition to have this power,what power do they have now?

    A lawyer’s view is needed on this.

    Here’s an idea, not fully thought through as I type, I admit.You might be able to comment on it or improve on it.

    If this happens again,a law-abiding citizen refuses to pass through the arch.Inform the police officer that he will continue to make his lawful way down the street, bypassing the arch, and effectively invite the officer to prevent the citizen from proceeding,by arresting him.

    Then go to court.

    What would happen?

    • A lawer’s view is needed indeed though, judging from labour’s record of criminalising legislation, they possibly are allowed to do that. Simply walking on and daring the police to arrest you also sounds like a bad idea. Better to ask them if one is legally obliged to submit to the search and then walk on if they say no. (They will then probably interpret this choice to exercise your rights as suspicious behaviour and search you on that basis.)
      In any case, it is possible to take down the officer’s ID, then prepare a very detailed written account of what happened a.s.a.p. after the event. One could then consult a lawyer on the legality of the procedure and proceed to lodge a formal complaint. If ordinary people become more ready to complaint formally about individual officers, the police may become a bit more reluctant to through their weight around just because they can.

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