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German judge applies Sharia in divorce case

Posted by rantingkraut on March 21, 2007

A German judge has denied a request for an early divorce, pointing out that the Quran gives husbands the right to beat their wives. The request for a divorce prior to completing a one year separation period was denied to a woman of Moroccan descent since, in the judge’s opinion, the violence she suffered at the hands of her husband was normal by the standards of her native cultural environment. The judge has since been taken off the case and there are at least demands for disciplinary proceedings against her.

(Source 1, Source 2)


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… und morgen die Ganze EU

Posted by rantingkraut on January 18, 2007

The Grauniad has a report on Germany’s proposed anti-free speech harmonisation proposals and gives some more details on current plans to extend Germany’s native police state throughout the EU.

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German initiative to impose censorship throughout the EU

Posted by rantingkraut on January 15, 2007

With Germany at the helm of the EU the Union’s totalitarian activism is gathering pace. Not only has Ms Merkel announced her intention to reanimate the near defunct EU-Constitution, there are already some concrete proposals for political censorship throughout the EU:

According to the Times, Gabrielle Zypries, Germany’s justice minister, is due to announce plans to ban Nazi symbols and Holocaust denial throughout the EU. She very briefly acknowledges that “There is some controversy about that under ‘freedom of expression’” but then goes on to say: “but we believe that there are limits to freedom of expression, and the limits are there when it is offensive to other religions and ethnic groups.”” (Source) Read the rest of this entry »

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Yet more Rubbish!

Posted by rantingkraut on January 12, 2007

Recycling has been in the news again, and as always Germany is held up as an example, recycling more than anyone else etc. etc.

I won’t go into the debate of how useful recycling really is, that’s no fun. But there is one thing UK politicians ought to remember about Germany’s recycling mania. When recycling was first introduced in Germany, recycling containers for glass were put up in public places, then came different coloured dustbins for every house. These were emptied frequently –i.e. all kinds of rubbish were collected every week. Some time later, legislation was introduced to force shops to accept any packaging customers did not want to take home and some time after that additional charges were introduced for non-recyclable waste.

To put it concisely: first the recycling system was put to work. Once it worked as intended, people were charged for not using it. In the UK it seems to go the other way round. Local authorities are big on placing spy-chips in dust bins and are gung-ho about charging their subjects. As for regular and reliable recycling schemes –forget all about it. 

There is another point to it though: Germany is possibly the only country on earth to have turned recycling into a kind of secular religion. To a Brit, a trash can is somewhere to put the rubbish, to a kraut, the assortment of colour-coded recycling bins forms a kind of rainbow coloured altar. A German who puts a green bottle into the brown glass bin will be about as popular with his neighbours as a Satanist in the USA’s bible-belt. That’s why the UK will never be any good at recycling. You can’t be serious about worshipping garbage cans and have anything other than a German sense of humour.

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Update: Freedom of Speech in Germany

Posted by rantingkraut on September 30, 2006

I have previously commented on two cases in Germany involving anti-fascist activists being taken to court for displaying crossed out swastika symbols (see here, and here). Jürgen Kamm, who runs a mail order company, for far-left merchandise (nixgut) has now been fined €3500 (approx. £ 2300) since some of his products included crossed out and smashed up swastika symbols (Source).

For anyone who sees his products it should be clear that they are not supporting neo Nazis. Anyone who had a look at the nixgut website should know that –however tasteless their merchandise– these guys aren’t fascists. In addition to the implications for free speech, this case should serve as a reminder for just how important a jury system is as a legal safeguard: under the German system, Kramm was found guilty by a judge and two lay assistants. One should doubt, that any jury meeting in confidence would have reached a guilty verdict.

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Coming out, German style

Posted by rantingkraut on July 24, 2006

View this to confirm that the Hoff has a lot to answer for. The music towards the end of the clip is not made up by the way. It is a well known German song by this guy, and quite a few Germans really do listen to this.

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Posted by rantingkraut on June 23, 2006

The Krauts have followed recent tradition and have insisted on having their own football anthem for the world cup. Unfortunately, they came up with some rather sickening prog-rock song from a very PC Krautrocker by the name of Herbert Grönemeyer.
Luckily, two German comedians (yes there are two of those, braving the biggest marketing handicap in the entertainment industry …) well, anyway those two have launched their unofficial anthem and improved substantially on the Grönemeyer bit.

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Those krauts are nucking futs!!!!

Posted by rantingkraut on May 15, 2006

Germany’s pathetic imitation of the BBC world service, the Deutsche Welle (“German Wave”), has come up with a book of the 250 best things about Germany. The online anthology of the contents reminds me why I never thought of going back. Some of the things are fair enough (Berlin Philharmonic, Bavarian Beer etc.), others are out of place but unremarkable (German Churches, museums, TV programmes …) these exist, but there is nothing special about them really.

Then, there are some real howlers. Germans are told to be proud of, inter alia:

1. Nena (as in: “99 red balloons”)
2. Their PM, Angela Merkel
3. Recycling schemes
4. Laws compelling citizens to clean the pavement in front of their door.
5. A run down coal mining area which can be considered a “Mecca for fans of concrete all over the world”.
6. Sauerkraut.
7. The Pope.

Fuck! At least there are two things we all can learn from this: 1. the Deutsche Welle should have settled for the top three: Kloster Au Dunkel, Erdinger and Weihenstephaner. 2. No matter how bad things are in the UK, they are bound to be worse in Germany.

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