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“Hate Crimes” and equality before the law

Posted by rantingkraut on July 3, 2010

English history is the chronicle, from Magna Carta onwards, of a slow progress towards equality under the law. By the 20th century it had been fully attained; then it was imbalanced again. Creating “aggravated” crimes is a reversion to the Middle Ages when assaulting a Norman baron meant death, while attacking a churl entailed a fine.” (Gerald Warner in the Telegraph)

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Global Warming: respect for science depends on the convenience of its truth

Posted by rantingkraut on January 31, 2010

The BBC tells us that “… Ed Miliband has warned that recent rows over scientific data must not damage efforts to control climate change. (…) I think it would be wrong that when a mistake is made it’s somehow used to undermine the overwhelming picture that’s there …” (source)

OK, let’s first clarify that this is not a matter of ‘a mistake’ being made. People -including scientists- make mistakes all the time. This is one reason why we rely on testing, replication and open debate to arrive at findings which are less susceptible to individual human error.

In the case of the IPCC and its sources, the occasional honest mistake is not the issue. Systematic deceit is and Read the rest of this entry »

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Muslim Integration in Germany

Posted by rantingkraut on January 7, 2010

Necla Kelec, a German sociologist of Turkish origin is again in the news, criticising islamism as well as multiculturalist relativism:

Kelec pointed out that Islam has a problem: ‘it wants to be the leading culture and aims to regulate not only the life of Muslims but also wants to dictate how the rest of society has to relate to Muslims’. Islam, moreover did not separate religion from politics, it isn’t secular. At the same time, there is generally no consensus on what defines its ideology. ‘Islam is everything and nothing at once. It is a phantom. Islam is -in this way- irresponsible, since believers only have a duty to Allah.’

The onus therefore ought to be on civil society Read the rest of this entry »

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Henry Porter on the UK Police

Posted by rantingkraut on January 5, 2010

“… if I have one overriding concern in 2009 it is about the British police, which every day seem more like a force than a service, whether it is displaying violence at legitimate demonstrations, making secret databases of political and environmental activists, swooping with unnecessary might on innocent people such as the rock band the Thirst, making arrests to add to the DNA database, Tasering members of the public as punishment or treating football supporters with a shocking disregard for their rights. It has been a bad year for the police, and a worrying one for the general public who see an essential trust and respect being lost. The next government must find a way of bringing the police under control and making them realise that they are the servants, not the masters, of the public.” (source)

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More cynicism required: confronting labour’s creeping totalitarianism

Posted by rantingkraut on August 19, 2009

In discussing Labour’s decade of totalitarian legislation, Adam LeBor draws the following comparison in The Times:

The phrase Big Brother has entered common parlance. But Orwell’s book was published in 1949 as communist regimes in Eastern Europe cemented their control through “salami tactics”. These were invented by Matyas Rakosi, Hungary’s communist leader from 1948-56. He sliced away freedoms sliver by sliver, until he established one of the most feared dictatorships in Eastern Europe.


In my more cynical moments I imagine Labour ministers following a similar methodology. Read the rest of this entry »

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Cameron on Personal Freedom

Posted by rantingkraut on June 28, 2009

We’ll start by putting back in place the protections of personal freedom that Labour have taken away.

So we will make some important changes. The next Conservative government will revoke the unjustified and unreasonable powers that let people enter your home without your permission.

We will change the law that allows councils to snoop on people for trivial matters.

We will review the use of the Terrorism Act’s Section 44, and the stop and search powers contained within it.

We will change the Criminal Justice Act 2003 to strengthen the right to trial by jury.

And we will review the operation of the Extradition Act – and the US/UK extradition treaty – to make sure it is even-handed and works both ways.” (Source)

Let’s remember that and remind him when the time comes …

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R.I.P. Ralf Dahrendorf

Posted by rantingkraut on June 18, 2009

“If revolutionaries exist outside a revolutionary situation, they easily become comical figures.” Ralf Dahrendorf, who died yesterday, addressing Rudi Dutschke.

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Communitarianism, Obama and The Economist

Posted by rantingkraut on April 23, 2009

The Economist’s Lexington column  discusses ‘Obama hatred‘ and turns out to be summarily dismissive of Obama’s critics (see also here). Obama is arguably the USA’s first outspokenly communitarian president, so concern over this new brand of collectivism hardly belongs on the lunatic fringe.
One of the articles The Economist shruggs off is Quin Hillyer’s essay in the American Spectator titled “Il Duce, Redux?“. It makes some points similar to the ones this blog made about New Labour a while ago. Some arguments in this piece are indeed debatable: Obama’s economic interventionism, for example, can just as plausibly be attributed to a desparate attempt at fighting off depression as to an ideologically driven desire to rule the economy. Other points are harder to dismiss:
Again and again, Obama has called not just for a change of policies, but to “change America” or Read the rest of this entry »

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Boris Talks Sense on Trade and the G20

Posted by rantingkraut on March 24, 2009

“… the near-collapse of the banking system, and the shortage of credit, has encouraged the big Western financial institutions to turn their backs on the developing world. Money is being sluiced back home, to Europe and America, with catastrophic consequences for anyone who wants to get a loan in, say, Nigeria. In these circumstances, it is doubly immoral and disgusting that we continue to restrict the access of the developing world to our markets, and that we continue to use huge sums of taxpayers’ money to dump our products on the Third World.” (source)

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Political correctness doesn’t go mad, it is mad

Posted by rantingkraut on March 18, 2009

To realise how intellectually inconsistent PC politicians really are, consider this from Hazel Blairs:
„Although warning that people should not set out to “deliberately offend people” or make racist jokes, she believes that there should be more scope for people to express themselves.
What I don’t want to see happen is because people are frightened of an over-reaction they don’t raise the issue,” she said. “What I don’t want people to say is that Muslims will be offended by Christmas, because they are not. There is this presumption that we don’t do things because people will be offended.““ (Source)
So she doesn’t want people to offend but then doesn’t want the fall-out which a consistent and forced avoidance of offence necessarily entails. Read the rest of this entry »

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